Meet Joseph Snodgrass:

Edgar Allan Poe's physician, confidant and possible lover.

Meet Margaret Fuller:

the world's first female war correspondent,
and the first person to accuse Joseph Snodgrass of murder.

Based on a story that may very well be true.

That's a long title. What's this show about?

Ominous Picture of Male Character in distress.


The True and Unquestionable Account of Dr. Joseph Snodgrass is an environmental, musical play about the man who fabricated many of the facts we still believe about Edgar Allan Poe today.

Why did he lie?

Writing desk surrounded by mysterious figures.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Set in three overlapping timelines, the play walks a tightrope between drama and thriller, and sits on a knife's edge between reality and fantasy.
Dancers in various shapes in ominous environment.
It is the story about a man on the edge of sanity, a real-life murder plot, and a house that manipulates the nature of reality.

Question everything you think you know.

Main character portrait.

About Us

We are Marinelli New Dance Theater, a collective of female creatives who have been collaborating on The True and Unquestionable Account of Dr. Joseph Snodgrass for the past three years. Our members include Ashley Marinelli (Writer, Choreographer), Greer Gisy (Creative Producer), Mary Colvin (Showcase Director), Lily Desmond (Composer), Roni Pillischer (Sound Design), Jeanette Abell (Associate Choreographer, Web Developer), and Ashley Frary (Visual Artist).

The project began in 2018, when Ashley and Greer were discussing their chagrin at the lack of originality among new theatrical projects. It seemed to them that very few risks were being taken, and they were also frustrated by the fact that even in an industry overrun with female representation, they seldom got to interact with other female creatives.

That day, they set out to make a show that excited them, and was representative of the kind of theater that they wanted to see.

Why our script? Why now?

Figures of ordinary people.


We're a team of women-identifying people passionate about popularizing the accomplishments of real women who have gotten eclipsed by the male-centric historical record.

House logo.


Capabilities of technology have finally caught up with our imaginations.

Dancers in motion.


We're out to challenge the status quo, and to find excellent performers who tend to get passed over in the traditional casting setting in a way that feels long overdue.